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The aim of this category is to offer best videos of Katy Perry's appearances on TV show from all over the world : MTV Europe Music Awards, Cannes festival, American Idol... There are many videos still to come, so check this website often.


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Coming soon ! In This category, you will find many interviews of Katy Perry from talk-shows and late-night comedy shows. These videos will probably be the best way to know everything about her thoughts, projects and feelings.

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Firework @ The Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA), 2010/12/08

FIREWORK @ THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW (USA), 2010/12/08For this appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Katy Perry decided to sing her song Firework in a different way : slower and classier, this gave her the opportunity to sing another version of her hit single. On the occasion of this performance, Katy Perry appears as a far more versatile and polyvalent...

Firework @ American Music Awards (USA), 2010/11/21

FIREWORK @ AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS (USA), 2010/11/21For her appearance at the 2010 American Music Awards, Katy Perry chose a classy and beautiful style. That was in Los Angeles, at the Nokia Theatre. She sang with a children's choir and performed a unique version of Firework : as the number began, the boys sang the introductory lines. Then she was descending...

Firework @ The X Factor (United Kingdom), 2010/10/17

FIREWORK @ THE X FACTOR (UNITED KINGDOM), 2010/10/17It was for The X Factor 2010, on the 17th of last October. Katy Perry sang Firework, her brand new single of that time, on stage. The show was particularly exciting (many pyros and lights, good choreograhy), and in contrast to some of the guest performers, who often perform before the results part of the...